LSI-LS7561N - Brushless Motor Control
  • +10V to +18V Power Supply (Vdd - Vss)
  • Open-Loop Motor Control
  • Tachometer Output for Closed-Loop Motor Control
  • Direction Control
  • Error Amplifier and PWM Speed Comparator with Full Accessibility
  • High Noise Immunity Schmitt Triggers on Sensor inputs
  • 5.5V Reference Supply for External Sensors
  • Cylcle-by-Cycle Current Sensing
  • Static or Current-Limited Dynamic, Motor braking
  • Output Enable Delay on Speed Diretion Reversal
  • Enable Input with Fault Sensing Capability
  • Fault Indicator Output
  • 60°/300° or 120°/240° Electrical Sensor Spacing Selection
  • Selectable PWM of Top and Bottom Drivers or Bottom Drivers Only
  • CMOS Compatible Motor Outputs with Drive Capability
  • Selectable Top Driver Polarity
  • Low Power Dissipation
  • RoHS Compliant
Brushless Motor Controller - LSI-LS7561N

The LS7560N/LS7561N are designed to control three or four phase brushless DC motors in a closed or open loop configuration. The IC consists of a decoder which provides proper commutation sequencing, a frequency-to-pulse width converter and error amplifier for closed loop motor speed control, a PWM comparator and sawtooth oscillator for external driver power control and a 6V reference generator for supplying power to motor sensors. Also included is Fault detection and indication, overcurrent sensing, dynamic motor braking, forward/ reverse input, sensor spacing selections and an enable input control. This series has a minimum purchase requirement of 10 pieces, regardless of stock.

NOTE: LSI-LS7560N-S are Limited to Stock on Hand.

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  • Pin Diagram
  • Block Diagram
Brushless Motor Controller - LSI-LS7560N Pin Assignment
Brushless Motor Controller - LSI-LS7561N Block Diagram
Pin Diagram
Brushless Motor Controller - LSI-LS7560N Pin Assignment
Block Diagram
Brushless Motor Controller - LSI-LS7561N Block Diagram
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