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Brushless Tutorials
How to Hook Up a Brushless Driver
How to Hook Up a Brushless Driver Tutorial This video is the Brushless DC Driver hookup tutorial for the MDC100-050101. The video involves nine easy steps to follow when hooking up a Brushless DC Driver. These steps will show how to connect the driver to the power supply and motor. The first step of the tutorial is removing the driver from the packaging and insuring that the manual is included with it. The second step involves securely connecting the power and ground leads to the terminal block. The third step required is to set the correct voltage on the power supply. After this has been accomplished, follow the fourth step and connect the driver to the power supply. The fifth step of the tutorial has the user connect the hall sensor leads to the terminal block. The sixth necessary step is to turn on the power supply and spin the shaft to make sure the hall sensors were connected properly. Connecting a wire between brake and ground is required in the seventh step to make the motor turn. In the eighth step, connect the motor phases to the terminal block. For the ninth and final step adjust the speed and current settings. After these nine steps the Brushless DC Driver should be ready to go.
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