Integrated HMI/PLC

Integrated HMI/PLC units combine the convenience of the HMI with efficiency of the PLC into one product; eliminating compatibility issues and simplifying wiring and programming. The RS232, RS422, and Ethernet ports allow for a variety of applications. Custom, convenient user interfaces can be created to operate and monitor any connected controller. With the added feature of dual axis stepper motor control these units are a great match for Anaheim Automation customers looking to add a user interface to their existing application. Integrated HMI/PLC units make it easy for the operator to control a machine and rewire the PLC component. With the capability of controlling two axes the software comes loaded with libraries for stepper motor control to perform linear interpolation, position control and speed control.

  • Cost-Effective Solution with High Performance
  • Reduce Wiring and Programming Time
  • 7" Touch Screen with Relay DI8/DO8
  • Ethernet & Serial (RS232/RS485)
  • Max 3 PLC-S Module Expansion
  • VNC Server
  • Over 2,000 Images for Applications
  • Program HMI and PLC with One Connector
  • Up to 32 PLC I/O Ports
  • 28 Basic Commands, 220 Application Commands
  • Dual Axis Stepper Control
  • COM Ports: RS232C, RS422 and Ethernet
  • High-Functional CPU
  • Various Bitmap Fonts Supported
Integrated HMI/PLC
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