Stepper Gearmotors

Anaheim Automation's Permanent Magnet Stepper Motor with Integrated Gearboxes are PM Gearmotors that provide precise motion at a economical price. These gearmotors are offered in six sizes with torque ranges of 300 to 4,000 g-cm, or up to 1,250 ounce-inches. Customization is available to suit a customer's exact requirements.

  • Torque: Up to 4,000 Ounce-Inches
  • Sizes: NEMA 11, 17 and 23
  • Cost-Effective Stepper Motor with Gearbox
  • High-Torque in Compact Package
  • Offered in Five Stack Lengths
  • Available in 14 Gear Ratios
  • Torque: Up to 3,500 Ounce-Inches
  • Sizes: NEMA 23 and 34
  • Cost-Effective Stepper Motor with Spur Gearbox
  • Available Up to 12 Gear Ratios
  • Customization is Available
  • Torque: 300 to 4000 g-cm of Torque
  • Sizes: 24 to 42mm Diameter
  • PM Stepper Motor with Integrated Gearbox
  • Precise Motion at a Low Cost
  • Customization is Available
  • 100 Piece Minimum Order Requirement

Frequently Asked Questions
I need a stepper gearmotor. Does Anaheim Automation offer these motors?
Yes. Anaheim Automation offers stepper motors with Planetary Gearboxes in NEMA sizes 11, 17 and 23. We also have stepper motors with Spur Gearboxes in NEMA sizes 23 and 34, and PM stepper gearmotors in sized 24 to 42 mm diameters. Visit the Stepper Gearmotor section of our web site for more details. Please Note: We also offer gearboxes and motors separately, should you not find the size or gear ratio you require.

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